High Speed charity rides

Spectators will also be able to experience the rush on the race track at high speed

Feel the rush on the race track

Get a high speed tour around the race track in the passenger seat of real race car specially fitted with a passenger seat – Danish SuperTourisme or the hot ex-DTM cars from Tourenwagen Classics. 

The experience can be enjoyed with a clear conscience, as the entire income from the charity race goes towards the Classic Race Aarhus’ activities regarding kids safety in traffic.

High Speed Tours

  • Friday the 19th of May, at 9.40 am until10.55 am

Important information

  • To gain access to the high speed area you must have a valid ticket to the Classic Race Aarhus event.
  • Meeting point: at the Park Lane / in the park Mindeparken marked with a yellow star on the map.
  • Meeting time: no later than 10 minutes before start.
  • You must bring your receipt for your purchase of the High Speed ride.
  • Rides are executed in turns which means that it wont be possible to pick a specific vehicle.
  • Safety: Safety helmet and seat belt will be provided and is required for the ride.
  • Age/height: minimum 8 years / 135 cm tall.
  • Before you can go on the high speed tour, you must sign a disclaimer, which means that you will ride at your own liability. Read the liability disclaimer, which must be signed before the high speed ride – download liability disclaimer
  • If the ride, of unforeseen reasons, would have to bee cancelled, you will get the amount paid for the high speed ride back.