The best race festival in Northern Europe now opens up for two-wheelers: Expect racing machines on the track and classics and café racers on the infield in the Memorial Park.

The roaring racing engines and the beautiful classic cars will now get competition in form of motorcycles at this year’s edition of the Classic Race Aarhus, and the 40,000 guests can look forward to this already.
“I am very pleased that we can now also invite motorcycle enthusiasts to the festival. There are many fast classic motorcycles and they will suit our race festival really well, “says Mike Legarth, Director, Classic Race Aarhus.

Over the weekend the racing bikes will run demonstrations on the 2,6 kilometers long race track three times. Within the Mindeparken a large areais reserved only to the two-wheeled world. Motodrom, as the area is called, will embrace everything from café racers, classics, touring bikes, exhibitors and also the riders and machines involved during play. There will also, as is the case with the classic cars, be a Classic Bike Park, where the race festival offers guests arriving on motorcycles from before 1986 parking on the front row.

One of the classic motorcycle world’s biggest successes in recent times, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, also guests the Motodrom at Classic Race Aarhus. They are a loose global association of classic motorcyclists who through a large annual worldwide event do charity towards cancer research. They superbly styled gentlemen attract much attention when they run in large groups on their classic motorcycles dressed in typical contemporary clothes.

“This initiative is a tribute to freedom on two wheels. Motodrom is located in the most beautiful part of the beautiful Memorial Park, and spectators will be able to enjoy the motorcycles under the shade of the trees. I am looking forward to this, “says Mike Legarth.

(Photos: Top Per Fløng, middle Claus Ebberfeld)