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Would you like to volunteer as a helper in one of the biggest annual event in Aarhus?

Become an active participant in Classic Race Aarhus

Classic Race Aarhus is one of the biggest annual events in Aarhus. It takes a lot of competent assistance to carry out such a large arrangement – a race festival with car races, automobile exhibitions, children’s activities and the provision of food and comfort for over 40,000 attendees. The tasks are many and varied, and we need good people to help us.

Classic Race Aarhus has a goal – to be the best arrangement in Denmark for its volunteers – we give high priority to our teamwork and sense of responsibility and engagement. So, with suitable work clothes, good food and our many different CREW activities, we have ensured all the groundwork is in place for the continued satisfaction of our volunteer CREW in Classic Race Aarhus. During recent years, we have established an extensive and stable corps of volunteers – over 700 in 2016 – but there are always a few changes in the groups, so don’t hesitate to contact us

See the short video of one of the arrangements in the Racehall, where the volunteers race their go-karts.

Why should you be a volunteer?

  • You become part of the CREW that runs Northern Europe’s best Race Festival
  • You support the task of creating the means of improving children’s traffic safety in Denmark
  • You gain a new network and new friends
  • You’ll have many thrilling experiences – both on race days and at the many CREW arrangement
  • You will meet professional challenges.r

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We need volunteers in the following areas:


The public’s first meeting with Classic Race Aarhus – at all entrances

  • Ticket sales
  • Scanning tickets
  • Providing information to the public
  • Ensuring a good and professional first-hand impression for both the public and the other volunteers as they arrive.

Qualifications: You are smiling and service-minded
Period covered by volunteers: May 25th – 27th kl. 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Working hours: min. 2 shifts of 6-8 hours


The security group’s tasks are:

  • Preparation of security and contingency plan
  • Manning command centre
  • Cooperating with the authorities in the event of an accident
  • Monitoring and surveillance tasks

Qualifications: Preferably with a background in security
Period covered by volunteers: May 23th – 28th (round-the-clock)
Shifts: min. 3 shifts of 6-8 hours

Own stands

Classic Race Aarhus has 8 of its own stands distributed throughout the site.

  • Managing and operating stands selling drinks and hot-dogs
  • Ensuring that the stands and café tables are cleaned and cleared
  • Counting and collection of returned items
  • Setting up/clearing up before and after the event

Qualifications: Responsible and used to handling money. Preferably experience with food handling.
Period covered by volunteers: May 25th – 27th 8 a.m. – 6 p.m./10 p.m.
Shifts: min. 2 shifts of 6-8 hours


The electricians group’s tasks comprise, for example:

  • Packing material, cables and displays at our suppliers during the week prior to the run-up to the race weekend.
  • Drawing/laying cables and erecting electronic displays/notice boards throughout the venue.
  • Operation of generators with setup, commissioning, filling of diesel.
  • Decommissioning and dismantling of all installations.

Qualifications: Good physical condition, preferably qualified electrician or other trade qualifications.
Period covered by volunteers: The week prior to the event, a few weekend tasks, such as checking and refilling generators on Friday and Saturday evening. Dismantling of installations will start on Sunday, after the race, and would normally take a couple of days. The timing of the repacking of material and emptying of containers will be arranged with the volunteers shortly.
Shifts: A timetable indicating when people are needed will be published and volunteers can register when and where they can provide assistance.

Skilled tradesmen/workmen


  • General preparation/setting-up of site
  • Erecting signs
  • Establishing water and gas supplies
  • Various ad hoc tasks requiring carpenters, electricians, plumber, etc.
  • Dismantling, disconnection, etc. following the event
  • On-call during the event

Qualifications: trade qualifications, general handyman, good physical form.
Period when this group is needed: May 15th – 29th
Working hours: 8 a.m. -6 p.m. and 4 p.m. -10 p.m.
Total shifts: min. 32 hours during the period of the event.


The controller groups have functions in three main areas:

  • Entrances / exits
  • Tribunes and tents
  • Rounds


  • Ensure that the public progress safely and securely in through the entire site
  • Checking/controlling entrances
  • Checking/controlling tents and tribunes
  • Checking/controlling vehicles driven round the site
  • Directing and providing assistance to the public
  • Checking tickets and armbands.

Qualifications: Service-minded, responsible
Period required: May 13th – 27th 7 a.m. -9 p.m. + night shifts
Shifts: min. 3 shifts of 6-8 hours

Paddock – Night security

The paddock is where the racing cars, drivers and their teams keep their set-ups. The security teams will have the following tasks:

  • Ensuring that the gate to the entrance from Tangkrogen is kept closed
  • Making rounds of the entire paddock area, overnighting if necessary
  • Keeping a fire-watch in the paddock

Qualifications: pleasant attitude, initiative, flexibility and ability to maintain a good overview.

Period required: May 23th – 27th kl. 7 p.m. – 7 a.m.
Shifts: to be agreed


Gathering place for Classic Race CREW (meals, breaks, drinks)

  • Preparing and serving breakfast, lunch, etc.
  • Serving evening meal supplied by restaurant
  • Prepare and run the barbecue event on Saturday evening
  • Various tasks as needed (making coffee, laying tables, serving, washing up, sweeping, supplying drinks etc.)
  • Cheering the other volunteers up with your smile in their breaks.

Qualifications: Service-minded, flexible, preferably completed a food hygiene course.
Period required: May 15. – 30 5.30 a.m.- 10.p.m. (7 a.m.- 8 p.m. before and after the event)
Shifts: min. 4 shifts of 6 hours

Cleaning team

The cleaning team endures that Classic Race Aarhus is the cleanest event in Aarhus

  • Handling waste/garbage and deposits in throughout the site, for the public, drivers, tent-holders, etc.
  • Ensure that we receive no extra invoice from Aarhus Council for extra cleaning/clearing of site = maximum amount available to charity.


  • Erecting and collecting waste bins and mini-containers.
  • Collecting and exchanging waste and deposit bags.
  • Collecting waste using tongs
  • Disposal of waste material ensure maximum recycling (cardboard, deposits, etc.)

Period required: May 24th – 27th, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.10 p.m.
Shifts: min. 2 shifts of 8 hours
NB! Cleaning of toilets, pissoirs, shower facilities etc. will be carried out by the company MiljøRent using professional cleaners.

Service groups tables/chairs

This group’s task is to distribute and put up tables, chairs and benches throughout the site as well as packing them down and returning them.

Qualifications: Physically strong, preferably with an HGV licence
Period required: primarily Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Service group, public area

There is a large public area in both Tangkrogen and the Memorial Park (Mindparken) during Classic Race Aarhus where food and refreshments are sold. These areas are equipped with tables, benches, wi-fi and large screens showing the racing live from the track.

  • Putting flowers and red-checked cloths on the tables.
  • Erecting parasols in the morning and taking them down at night.
  • Cleaning the tables and clearing the areas around the tables and benches.
  • Packing down the parasols and clearing up on Sunday evening.

Qualifications: Service-minded, sense of responsibility, ability to work independently
Period required: May 24th – 27th
Shifts: min. 3 shifts of 6-8 hours

Service group tent

The tent service group should be the contact persons for Classic Race Aarhus for the customers or the restauranteur in the tent. The group will be sub-divided with each sub-group being responsible for servicing one or more tents.

  • Check that all tables, chairs and other equipment have been delivered as agreed.
  • Receive customers in the tent and provide practical information
  • Contact for site establishment, Electricity, tradesmen, utilities etc.
  • Sign for supplies and pass beverages on to the customer.
  • Re-order beverages from supplier when necessary.
  • Go through returns inventory together with the customer.
  • Wait for collection of return goods.
  • Secure daily closing down of tent.
  • Ensure that the restauranteur/customer clears the tent after use.

Qualifications: responsibility, ability to work independently
Period required: May 24. – 27
Shifts: Available on stand-by on all days